My daughter loved her piano lessons with Karen – her personalized, methodical and entertaining approach.  So I decided to try lessons too! Soon I was earning my own stars and playing Christmas carols for my family. Karen shows great commitment to the community and her students. We look forward to resuming lessons now that she’s back in Ladner!

~W. Walker (parent/student)


Karen is a very dedicated and passionate and patient individual who taught my twin girls piano for three years. They started expressing interest in music at a young age and Karen agreed to take them on as students, even though she had not previously thought of taking on students who were so young. I really appreciate the knowledge and discipline she instilled in them. I also love the fact that she would have them perform in front of their parents at a show which helped them to be confident and learn to celebrate their success. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

~C. Blatz (parent)


Karen made my beginner’s trumpet lessons in 2013 fun and inspiring! 
A fine musician on a few instruments, she is also an excellent and patient teacher in theory and practice. Karen is creative and has a good sense of humour as well as a sense of healthy discipline when it comes to practicing your instrument!

~C. Clennan (adult student)


Karen was my piano teacher from 2008 – 2011. She is really passionate about music and that motivated me very much.  I am a ‘mature student’ and had never learned how to read music, let alone how to play piano before. She taught me the beginnings with patience and humour.  She went out of her way to find interesting pieces to learn, she included various fun elements in the lessons and that made the whole experience great!

~E. de la Vieter (adult student)


I took piano lessons from Karen in 2010/2011 for one year while she studied in Vienna.  I was a total beginner with no musical background and Karen made me love and appreciate playing piano.  She is a remarkable, very talented and passionate teacher with lots of patience and enthusiasm.  Karen’s teaching style is very encouraging and I was very inspired by her love of music.  I would highly recommend Karen to anyone.  

~H. Weegh (adult student)


In 2012 I started my Masters of Music (in Trumpet Performance) at the University of British Columbia. One of the components of the course is Piano Proficiency.  Although I had already studied music for about eight years I had only briefly played the piano and therefore the Piano Proficiency Exam was very daunting! I started taking weekly lessons with Karen from the middle of 2012 to the middle of 2013. In this time Karen took me from level zero to a University Piano Proficiency level and I was able to pass my exam the first time due to her help.

I really enjoyed learning from Karen! Even when I had started to learn harder pieces she provided me with fundamental exercises, which greatly increased my technical skill and therefore my learning speed. Lessons were always very relaxed and yet still very productive. There is no doubt in my mind that Karen is a very gifted teacher and as a music teacher myself I highly recommend her to all ages and abilities.

~N. Hall (university student)